Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Last (practice before) Christmas

Last night was a relaxed affair. We pootled through a few of the back catalogue. Played for fun and had a good pre-Christmas slow down. Ate mince pies. Still we managed to kick off an as-yet-untitled new song that should be good once it has some words, structure and some of that other good stuff you need to make a song.
I took along the Tele. First time I've played it in a couple of years and it felt good. Still need to tweak the sound a bit, but it has a nice homely feel which makes playing easy. For some reason (could be the Mother of Pearl scratchplate and knobs) I can't help but want to chickenpick and country lick it all the time :-)

Friday, 11 December 2009

And that's a wrap

The video turned out great.

We're getting some great comments about the song too:

'I instantly found myself grooving along to that song, head bouncing and everything'
'Excellent... Love the Song and The Video..!'
'Sounds great! Kind of Stones doing Park life thing'
'lo-fi vid = cool'

If you've not seen it yet, get over to YouTube and watch it.

More cowbell!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Right then. Monday night was good fun. Very good. No real playing. Just a lot of miming like 12 year olds. Like prancing around your room pretending you are on Top of the Pops. Pouting. Looking mean. Wearing sunglasses in the dark.
Then last night the six hours of editing was worthwhile. Very little messing with the footage, just alot of cuts and learning how to sync seven different videos with no timecode. At 2am this morning it looked great.
You can't see it yet though. I know, I know! But it needs another half hour just to see the thing with some fresh eyes. Then it will be out there. Expect to see it online Wedensday night.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Monday Night is Video Night

This Monday we are making a video for one of the new Jetsonic songs. I have some ideas involving a torch and some flashing lights. It's either going to be really cool or a bit 'Blair Witch'. Of course you can watch it when we're done. Wish us luck.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

We are *so* connected...

...when I wriggle my little finger like this...a whole new post appears. On Facebook too. Possible even on Twitter. Who knows. Whoosh.