Friday, 17 December 2010

Last Rehearsal of 2010

Had a good practice last night. Ran through the songs ready for the gigs on 7th (Half Moon) and 29th (St Pauls, Bretnford) January 2011. We've pretty much decided on a new opener: 'Push Up' and a new show closer: 'Caterham Blues'. Excited about changing it up a bit.
We had an excellent sound in the room. Vocals louder than normal with a nice bit of delay on them. Nice instrument mix. A real pleasure to play our songs.
We tidied up 'Seven Foot Drop' and 'The New Romance' which - if you're lucky - you'll hear at the shows in the New Year.
In other news, the lyrics for 'Push Up' were featured in a great new book full of stories and recollections about Brentford FC: