Friday, 19 November 2010

Jetsonics Television

Ad and I practiced last night. Ran through "Seven Foot Drop" again and played it the same 3 times in a row. That arrangement is all set now. Just waiting for Dave to pick it up and add some magic. We also reworked "Anne-Marie" and came up with a chorus. A good chorus too. We also made 3 videos! Ad doing a reveal of his new Retrovibe RV4 bass. Me doing a 'how to play' one of our songs and Ad doing a 'how to play' too. Just need to edit the boring stuff out and get them uploaded. Look out for them over the next week. You'll like them. Busy times.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Stoodents cause chaos for Jetsonics rehearsals

Pesky students caused traffic jams in town yesterday meaning Dave was stranded in town and couldn't make it in time. Ad and I decided to turn up anyway. He had some great lyrics and I had an idea for some chords. It's how all the best songs start.
We made our latest and greatest. It's called Seven Foot Drop. It's so new that Dave hasn't even heard it yet! We demo'd it on Ad's Zoom recorder and hopefully Dave will get to hear that before next practice. It has the spikiness of 'London's Calling' mixed with the wordsmithery of '25 minutes to go' 
It's yet another new song that we'll be debuting at the big New Year shows in Putney and Brentford.
Can't wait.