Friday, 25 June 2010

Free Jetsonics downloads

This weekend you can download our new songs completely FREE. All we ask is that when you visit you also join our mailing list so we can say hello :-)
So go now to and hit the music knob to download the new songs.
Then join the mailing list by clicking here:


The Jetsonics are gonna be on Hayes FM!

The Jetsonics are on the drive-time show with Angela Kanwar on Hayes FM around 6.30pm this Friday 25th June. Have a listen if you are in West London on 91.8FM or online they'll be playing some of our new songs and asking us some Mr and Mrs style questions. Nice!

Monday, 21 June 2010

No problem

I've got to say that The Grey Horse is a great venue. It doesn't seem like it should be a great venue. The lighting is not great. There are no follow smoke machines. There are some seats that make it look at times like you might be at a school play. There is just a mic in the kick drum and mics on the vocals. It shouldn't be this good. But you know what...the place is magic. We've played there twice now and each time something happens between us and the audience and together we manage to rip the roof off. It starts with apprehension and a ripple of excitement and by the end we are all dripping with the thrill of the show. A proper Saturday-night-forget-all-your-troubles rock show. Maybe it's just my imagination cause I was delirious after gulping down honey (don't ask) and yelping through a fast and furious hour long set (with a genuine encore!). I can't say it'll happen every time we play. We just hope it does.
Tell your friends. Half Moon - 24th July. See you on stage.
p.s. You see we are 112 facebook fans strong now! Pretty good!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Major Jetsonics Announcement!

Ahead of our gig this Saturday 19th June at The Grey Horse in Kingston, we're please to share with you a brand new song. It's called 'Satisfied' and was recorded this month with Grammy-winning producer Steve Lyon. It sounds fantastic and we're too excited to wait, so you get to hear it now. Listen to it now. 'Satisfied'. Head over to and tell us what you think.
Ad, Dave and Sam.
The Jetsonics

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Jetsonics - The Grey Horse - 19th June

Don't forget - you're coming to The Grey Horse in Kingston next Saturday! That's 19th June. The Jetsonics with The Schizophonics in support. Excellent.
If you get there about 8 o'clock you'll have time to get a drink in before the first band comes on.
See you there.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Recording? Oh yes we did that.

Ad's away so Dave and I went in the studio last night to overdub vocals and shaker and tambourine. Nothing fancy. No synths, Ad! Sorry. Results, I think, sounded good. Certainly the vocal takes were better than at the original session. By the time Mixmaster Steve gets his work done we will be sounding great I'm sure. We finished up Amazing, Satisified and Somewhere Else. Hopefully we'll be playing you something from the sessions within the next couple of weeks.