Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Dave's new kit

I tell you! It's tasty. It has bigger rack toms. Bigger floor tom. It's a tasty ruby red wine colour over a nice grained wood. Looks fantastic. Sounds big. We had to turn up the guitars to match him and luckily there was a loud PA for the vocals in the room.
We also had guests last night. It's nice to have guests sometimes. It takes us to a place half way between practice and performance and we give that little bit more than we would if we were playing for ourselves. One of the guests took some photos that we hope to see soon. Great that he brought his camera - seeing as he is a top rock photog who has shot Oasis, The Smiths and U2 to name three. Now he can happily tick The Jetsonics off his hit list. Everyone's happy :-)
Dub rock song sounds better every time and even sweeter with a big dose of reverb in the breakdown and DAVE'S MEGADRUMS (tm) in the intro.

Friday, 22 January 2010

3rd March at The Grey Horse in Kingston

Looking forward to the Grey Horse on 3rd March. Dave's also looking forward to putting his new drum kit together. We'll hopefully see that this coming Monday. Ad has a new Big Bass Muff pedal which sounds incredibly gruff and suits a couple of the songs well. Last week we practiced the new Dub Rock track we have been working on, we're pretty sure it's all there now. We'll play it on the 3rd. Sounds excellent. My bid to re-write Kenny's 'The Bump' for the 21st century was vetoed by the rest of the band! I'm going to re-string my Tele, probably for the first time since 2008.
This bulletin was brought to you by Dm. The saddest of all keys.

Friday, 15 January 2010

First practice in a while

Was a good practice last night. We waltzed through some oldies from the back catalogue which still sounded good and fresh. Then we pushed ourselves into new territory coming up with an excellent new song. It sounded genuinely powerful, serious even. Dub rock of sorts. We'll play it at the next gig. Ad also came up with a jaunty slash disco number that we'll massage into shape next practice. Exciting times for The Jetsonics.